murano-venetian-cups murano-venetian-cups

Murano Venetian Cups

Highly resistant, they do not lose their shape when used.
Their lids can be used as bases.
Ideal for desserts, jellies, fruit and small portions in general.

resq-reg-flex-venetian-cups resq-reg-flex-venetian-cups

resq Flex Venetian Cups

An elegant container that turns into a cup.
High transparency and flexibility for excellent product visibility

souffle-cups souffle-cups

Souffle Cups

Very practical cups for sauces, dressings and small side dishes, their practical, secure-fitting lid makes them ideal for deliveries.
Available in different sizes. Lids sold separately.

protogo-reg-plus-reusable-containers protogo-reg-plus-reusable-containers

ProToGo® Plus Reusable Containers

Transformative prepared food packaging.
Very resistant, leak proof and microwave-safe containers. Extends product freshness, perfect for deliveries, drive-thru and restaurants!

protogo-reg-deli-containers protogo-reg-deli-containers

ProToGo® Deli Containers

Packaging perfect for restaurants, drive-thru and deliveries, .
Suitable for food refrigeration and microwave use. Available in different sizes and capacities, ideal for hot food preparations.

clean-touch-color-cutlery clean-touch-color-cutlery

Clean Touch Color Cutlery

Fully automated production and packaging using Clean Touch technology which guarantees that the consumer will be the first to have contact with the products.
Practical and sanitary, available in different colors.

darnel-clean-touch-reg-clear-cutlery darnel-clean-touch-reg-clear-cutlery

Darnel Clean Touch® Clear Cutlery

Fully automated production and packaging using Clean Touch technology, which guarantees that the consumer will be the first person to have contact with the products.
Practical, hygienic and perfect for special occasions.

cutlery-sets cutlery-sets

Cutlery Sets

Save time and optimize your inventory.
Choose or customize the cutlery set that best suits your needs.
From a single spoon to a complete set, including a napkin, toothpick, sauces, salt, and/or pepper
Ideal for deliveries.

tami-cutlery-sets tami-cutlery-sets

TAMI Cutlery Sets

Save time and optimize your inventory.
Choose or customize the cutlery set that best suits your needs. From a single spoon to a complete set including napkin, toothpick, sauces, salt and/or pepper. Ideal for deliveries.

darnel-naturals-reg-serving-trays darnel-naturals-reg-serving-trays

Darnel Naturals® Serving Trays

Highly resistant to packing all kinds of food such as fruits and vegetables. Its material and design prevent liquid seepage. Use them with our films.

darnel-naturals-reg-food-boxes darnel-naturals-reg-food-boxes

Darnel Naturals® Food Boxes

Optimal resistance to serve and pack all types of prepared foods. Special design that does not allow food liquids to leak through its corners.

darnel-naturals-reg-bamboo-bowls darnel-naturals-reg-bamboo-bowls

Darnel Naturals® Bamboo Bowls

Made from Bamboo Fiber. Suitable for hot or cold preparations. Ideal for restaurants or catering businesses. Secure lid for take-out.

darnel-naturals-reg-bagasse-and-bamboo-plates darnel-naturals-reg-bagasse-and-bamboo-plates

Darnel Naturals® Bagasse and Bamboo Plates

Higher grease-resistance than other plates made with natural products. Compostable and made of environmentally friendly bagasse and bamboo. PFAS-Free formulation.

darnel-naturals-reg-bagasse-and-bamboo-hinged-lid-containers darnel-naturals-reg-bagasse-and-bamboo-hinged-lid-containers

Darnel Naturals® Bagasse and Bamboo Hinged-Lid Containers

A strong and functional natural packaging alternative, made of environmentally friendly bagasse and bamboo. PFAS-Free formulation.

resq-reg-dome-lids-for-high-impact-plates resq-reg-dome-lids-for-high-impact-plates

resq Dome Lids for High Impact Plates

Crystal clear dome with unique brightness.
Improves product display freshness.
Ideal for takeout with a secure closure fit.

resq-reg-round-visual-cake-domes resq-reg-round-visual-cake-domes

resq Round Visual Cake Domes

Dome designed to offer excellent visibility of the product from any angle, improving its display.
Domes and bases available in different sizes and depths. Resists cracking.

resq-reg-round-cake-domes resq-reg-round-cake-domes

resq Round Cake Domes

Crack-resistant PET domes with great product transparency.
They protect and preserve product freshness, while at the same time enhancing product presentation.

resq-reg-round-low-domes resq-reg-round-low-domes

resq Round Low Domes

Packaging with high clarity and a distinctive gloss.
They enhance product presentation and preserve freshness.
Ideal size for low foods, such as pies.

resq-reg-half-cake-dome resq-reg-half-cake-dome

resq Half Cake Dome

Highly clear packaging that enables customers to see the inner layers of the cakes.
Improves product display, enabling different sales options.

darnelwrap-pro darnelwrap-pro

DarnelWrap PRO

Makes the preparation of large quantities of food easier, and preserves freshness for longer.

darnelwrap-antibacterial-film darnelwrap-antibacterial-film

DarnelWrap Antibacterial Film

DarnelWrap Antibacterial is engineered to provide protection against bacterial cross contamination and exposure to germs.
Our new cutter boxes are manufactured to supply you with the best ease of use in the market.

darnelwrap-miler-film darnelwrap-miler-film

DarnelWrap Miler Film

DarnelWrap Miler film provides one full mile of all purpose cling film.
DarnelWrap Miler rolls can be used in conjunction with standard food wrap dispensers.

processor-grade-meat-and-produce-film processor-grade-meat-and-produce-film

Processor Grade Meat and Produce Film

Highly resistant film for packaging different types of foods.
It is one of our most popular references due to its versatility.
SA3 DarnelWrap Film´s excellent transparency and gloss enhance the presentation of any product.

supermarket-meat-and-produce-films supermarket-meat-and-produce-films

Supermarket Meat and Produce Films

Highly resistant film for packaging different types of foods.
It is one of our most popular formulations due to its versatility.

darnelwrap-pro-heavy-duty darnelwrap-pro-heavy-duty

DarnelWrap PRO Heavy Duty

Makes the preparation of large quantities of food easier, and preserves freshness for longer.

darnelwrap-clear-choice darnelwrap-clear-choice

DarnelWrap Clear Choice

Lighter gauge offers excellent strength using less material to provide exceptional value.

foam-hinged-lid-take-out-containers foam-hinged-lid-take-out-containers

Foam Hinged-Lid Take Out Containers

Darnel foam hinged-lid containers are an optimal solution for all of your takeout needs.
These sturdy and functional containers are ideal for packaging and protecting hot or cold foods.

resq-reg-overwrap-tray resq-reg-overwrap-tray

resq OverWrap Tray

Worldwide patented rolled rim lip prevents film tearing

resq-reg-visualpack-cupcake-&-muffin-containers resq-reg-visualpack-cupcake-&-muffin-containers

resq VisualPack Cupcake & Muffin Containers

Perfect containers for the individual or shared smallest desserts.
High visibility options with secure fit buttons.

resq-reg-triangular-container resq-reg-triangular-container

resq Triangular Container

A convenient and functional container for individual portions.
Perfect for cakes and desserts.

resq-reg-heart-container resq-reg-heart-container

resq Heart Container

Specially designed packaging with a secure fit closure.
Ideal for desserts, sweets and small portions.

resq-reg-banana-boat-container resq-reg-banana-boat-container

resq Banana Boat Container

Practical packaging that may be combined with a black or clear base for a different display both at the table and for takeout.

resq-reg-twist-containers resq-reg-twist-containers

resq Twist Containers

Modern and attractive with a special design.
It protects food better due to its strong and flexible structure.
It is ideal for on shelf display, the dinner table or for takeout. Lids sold separately or in combo.

tokyo-bowls tokyo-bowls

Tokyo Bowls

Bowls with an aesthetic and original design that highlights food presentation. Lids sold separately.

resq-reg-selloplus-reg-square-hinged-deli-containers resq-reg-selloplus-reg-square-hinged-deli-containers

resq SelloPlus® Square Hinged Deli Containers

Deli hinged-lid clear containers. They provide protection to your food in leak-proof packaging.

resq-reg-safetyplus-reg-tamper-evident-bowls resq-reg-safetyplus-reg-tamper-evident-bowls

resq SafetyPlus® Tamper-Evident Bowls

Deli bowls with tamper-evident seal, leak-proof closure and high visibility.

resq-reg-safetyplus-reg-tamper-evident-square-deli-containers resq-reg-safetyplus-reg-tamper-evident-square-deli-containers

resq SafetyPlus® Tamper-Evident Square Deli Containers

Deli container with a unique tamper-evident seal, leak-proof closure and high visibility.

resq-reg-shrimp-ring resq-reg-shrimp-ring

resq Shrimp Ring

A container specially designed for a perfect and orderly display of shrimp with sauce.

resq-reg-oval-container resq-reg-oval-container

resq Oval Container

Convenient and useful, these enhance product appearance.
Available with 1, 2 or 3 compartments for multi-packaging. Lids sold separately.

resq-reg-herb-trays resq-reg-herb-trays

resq Herb Trays

Easy and safe closing system.
Ideal for preserving herbs, spices, condiments and other foods.
Top tab for hanging and better display

resq-reg-flippack resq-reg-flippack

resq FlipPack

Different SKUs may be used together to create more packaging options from less SKUs.
Ideal for bakeries, pastry shops and coffee shops.

resq-reg-visualpack-barlock-containers resq-reg-visualpack-barlock-containers

resq VisualPack Barlock Containers

Versatile, strong, stackable and clear containers.
They minimize the risk of leaks and spills. Available in multiple sizes.

resq-reg-visualpack-miami-barlock-containers resq-reg-visualpack-miami-barlock-containers

resq VisualPack Miami Barlock Containers

Available in sizes equal to traditional foam hinged lid food carriers.
A crystal clear and resistant packaging alternative for a better display.

resq-reg-hinged-lid-minipack resq-reg-hinged-lid-minipack

resq Hinged-Lid MiniPack®

Hinged-lid container to protect food, resistant and leak-proof. Ideal for small portions.

resq-reg-hinged-lid-high-visibility-minipack resq-reg-hinged-lid-high-visibility-minipack

resq Hinged-Lid High Visibility MiniPack®

Is an ideal container to highlight and enhance the product offering contents. Leak-proof closure.

resq-reg-separate-lid-minipack resq-reg-separate-lid-minipack

resq Separate-Lid MiniPack®

Container with a separate lid for enhanced packaging functionality.
Protects food with the best presentation.
Ideal for portion control, packaging, suitable for in the home and on the go small quantities.

resq-reg-reversible-bowls resq-reg-reversible-bowls

resq Reversible Bowls

Functionality and safety.
This packaging may be used as a dome or container by simply inverting its position. Lids sold separately or in combo.

resq-reg-multipurpose-container resq-reg-multipurpose-container

resq Multipurpose Container

Versatile container with multiple uses, resistant and functional.
Available in two convenient heights.

resq-reg-3-compartment-container resq-reg-3-compartment-container

resq 3 Compartment Container

Perfect for packaging three products in a single container, without mixing them together.
Its leak-proof seal makes it ideal for both industrial packaging and takeout. Lids sold separately or in combo.

resq-reg-party-platter-with-lid resq-reg-party-platter-with-lid

resq Party Platter with Lid

Perfect for packaging four products in a single container, without mixing them together.
Its leak-proof seal makes it ideal for both industrial packaging and takeout.

resq-reg-cleareggs resq-reg-cleareggs

resq ClearEggs

Crystal clear packaging for upscale look. Three body design container to better protect eggs.

resq-reg-clear-aireggs resq-reg-clear-aireggs

resq Clear AirEggs

Highly resistant structure with a wide ventilation area. 
Available in different sizes.

resq-reg-clear-quaileggs resq-reg-clear-quaileggs

resq Clear QuailEggs

Three body design container to better protect eggs.

stirrers stirrers


Perfect for mixing your favorite drinks.
Very useful for restaurants, businesses, hotels, and other places where drinks are served.

unwrapped-straws unwrapped-straws

Unwrapped Straws

Broad range of colors and sizes.
They serve as an ally that protects the whole family’s health, preventing direct contact with surfaces, and the spread of bacteria.

wrapped-straws wrapped-straws

Wrapped Straws

Broad range of colors and sizes and individually wrapped.
Ideal for restaurants, hotels, etc. Allies in biosecurity and personal health.

high-impact-plates-and-bowls high-impact-plates-and-bowls

High Impact Plates and Bowls

High Impact plates and bowls made of highly resistant and recyclable material that provides the right amount of sturdiness for optimal product performance.
Products are 100% disposable and recyclable, and they are available in black and white.

milano-coffee-cups milano-coffee-cups

Milano Coffee Cups

Ergonomic design for greater comfort.
Rigid material that will not lose shape when used.

high-impact-color-cups high-impact-color-cups

High Impact Color Cups

Highly durable cups that do not deform during use.
Available in a wide variety of colors, providing many options for parties and events. 
Lids available for safe and secure transport.

foam-plates foam-plates

Foam Plates

Designed with a special wave that allows plates to be easily stacked taking up 35% less space for transport and storage.
Optimal resistance and also available with compartments.

resq-reg-cups resq-reg-cups

resq Cups

Crystal clear and cracl-resistant cups.
Available with flat or dome lid, with or without perforation for straw or spoon. Lids sold separately.

tami-cups tami-cups


The best quality cups in the economical product category. Lids sold separately.