resq® Separate-Lid MiniPack®

resq Separate-Lid MiniPack®

Container with a separate lid for enhanced packaging functionality.
Protects food with the best presentation.
Ideal for portion control, packaging, suitable for in the home and on the go small quantities.

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A functional packaging solution for small portions

resq® Separate-Lid MiniPack® resq® Separate-Lid MiniPack®

Ideal for small portions


Protects smaller foods


Stackable and durable


resq Separate Lid MiniPack®
A sustainable product

Separate-Lid MiniPack® manufactured with our exclusive resq material containing up to 100% post-consumer recycled plastic sourced from bottles and packaging. They are suitable for food contact, according with FDA standards.

Choose what you need

resq Separate-Lid MiniPack®

M (3 5/8" x 2 1/8")



2 1/8"


3 5/8"