resq® AirPack

resq AirPack

Ideal packaging for preserving, transporting and displaying fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables. It features ventilation to allow food to be oxygenated.

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Extra-ventilation for extra freshness

resq® AirPack

Ventilated design 


Secure fit buttons


Fresh and protected fruits and vegetables

Optimal visibility

Available without perforation by adding the letter X at the end of the code

resq® AirPack

resq AirPack
A sustainable product

resq AirPack manufactured with our exclusive resq material containing a minimum of 70% post-consumer recycled plastic sourced from bottles and packaging. They are suitable for food contact, in accordance with FDA standards.

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resq AirPack

( 1/4 pound )



5 7/8 in


3 1/2 in


2 in

D7100800 Case x 200 ea / Package x 100 ea