SafetyPlus Bowls

High-visibility, leak-proof bowl with a tamper evident security seal.

Safe and attractive packaging

Tamper-evident seal

After opening, the button does not become waste


SafetyPlus is the bowl with the security and functionality you need


Suitable for freezing

Base available in black or transparent

Best packaging presentation for food

Recessed perimeter for stable stacking

Smooth and transparent

SafetyPlus Bowls
A sustainable product

SafetyPlus Bowls manufactured with our exclusive material, made with at least 70% post-consumer recycled plastic from bottles and packaging. Suitable for food contact according to FDA regulations.

Choose what you need

SafetyPlus Bowls

08 oz



5 3/4 in


2 in


8 oz

DC770800S Case x 200 ea / Package x 50 ea