Foam Trays DryFresh®

Its exclusive absorbent system allows for storage and preservation of refrigerated food.
Perfect for the meat and poultry industry.  

Keep food fresh for longer

Absorbent system

Greater hygiene, no additional pad required

Perfect size for industrial packaging

Protects the product at all stages of the process

Ideal for packaging in automatic machines

90% air, fewer natural resources used in its production

100% recyclable material

Choose what you need

Foam Trays DryFresh®

#03 (7 1/2 x 5 3/4 in)



7 1/2 in


5 3/4 in


1/2 in

D200301B 1/2 in Height - Bag x 500 ea

D210301B 1 in Height - Bag x 500 ea